Social Summit for
Fair Jobs and Growth

The Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth is over. The seminars and working sessions were webcast live during the Summit and are available on demand in English, French, German and Swedish.

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Our focus

Fair jobs

Good working conditions, equal opportunities, opportunities for training and skills development, access to social protection systems, and a well-functioning social dialogue are examples of areas that all could play an important role in creating sustainable working lives and fair jobs suited to our future societies.

Inclusive growth

Promoting more adaptable and mobile labour markets and fostering well-functioning and efficient social protection systems are areas that could play an important role in creating inclusive growth in the future. Other areas are ensuring fair working conditions, including more women in the workforce and providing broad access to high-quality education, healthcare and other public goods.

Equal opportunities

Providing equal opportunities includes giving all equal opportunities for career development, equal pay, shared caring responsibilities and opportunities to develop and keep pace with technological developments through lifelong learning and skills improvement to match the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Common challenges – wealth of experiences

Different traditions and historical reasons account for how Member States’ different welfare systems have been designed and how their social dialogue functions. In many cases, despite many ongoing reforms, there is a need for existing welfare states to adapt to new and largely unprecedented challenges. The social partners also have an important role to play.


Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth, part 2


Press info and related events

Host city

Gothenburg, host city for the Social Summit for fair jobs and growth

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